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An Ishmael of Syria summary An Ishmael of Syria, series An Ishmael of Syria, book An Ishmael of Syria, pdf An Ishmael of Syria, An Ishmael of Syria 788332dcb9 Adam Is A Tortured Soul Exiled From His Homeland, Forced To Watch The Horrors Unfold From Afar His Family, Still Living Or Surviving In War Torn Syria Struggle Daily To Feed, Clothe, And Educate Their ChildrenAdam Tries To Be A Global Citizen And Become A Part Of His New Community In Malaysia, But Is Constantly Faced With Intolerance, Bigotry, And Plain Old Racism Opportunities Are Few And Adam Finds Himself Working Long Hours For Poor Pay So That He Can Help His FamilyThe Increasingly Distressing News Bulletins, Along With Adam S Haunting Childhood Memories, Compel Him To Examine His Own Beliefs In God, In Humanity, In Himself And His Integrity As A Reluctant Bystander In The Worst Human Catastrophe Of The Twenty First Century

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    to their ears, being a Syrian sounds like you re unclean, shameful, indecent it s like you owe the world an apology for your very existence An Ishmael of Syria is the story of Adam, a young Syrian living in Malaysia, while the rest of his family face the daily horrors of life in war torn Syria The story is not told in a linear fashion, much of it is told in flashbacks, the rest doesn t seem to take place in an particular order, yet this is a very powerful book It gives us a glimpse into that faraway war, it makes you care, it makes it matter My hope is that many people will read this book and be affected by it Thank you to Netgalley and the publisher for a copy of this in exchange for an honest review.

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    An Ishmael of Syria is not an easy book to read It will challenge your idea of what a novel is and how a novel should be presented Every so often you read a book, a book that takes everything you thought created an excellent novel and tears it to pieces in a display of pure individual brilliance That is how I felt when I read this novel The book has no clear structure But, it works so well It cements the book s message and purpose underlining its meaning.Through the narrator, the book focuses on achieving an in depth understanding of the Syrian conflict, allowing for the perception and exposure of social and political contradictions The book explores a number of issues prejudices, homophobia, radicalization, victimization, and conspiracism that have a powerful emotional impact on our daily lives.

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    This powerful and thought provoking novel is the story of Adam, a young Syrian refugee, adrift in a word of racism, persecution and poverty It s a timely novel, given the worldwide attention on the plight of refugees, and is a portrait of an individual, rather than the group picture we see so often Adam is prickly, intense, and angry, burdened with a tragic past and an uncertain future Away from his homeland, the distressing news from Syria, where his family remains, increases Adam s suffering We read of his struggles to find and keep work, his attempts to help radicalised youth, his questioning of his own beliefs, against a background of prejudice, ignorance and Islamophobia The story of his journey and suffering is told in a series of flashbacks, conversations and cogitations This is a grim, uncompromising novel, beautifully but brutally crafted It s quite disjointed and lacks a coherent structure perhaps this is intentional, reflecting Adam s uncertain and unsafe status He cannot settle anywhere, he cannot return to his homeland his predicament is described in the title of the book he is truly an Ishmael, or an outcastMy thanks to NetGalley for providing an electronic copy of this book.

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    A personal story told in the voice of Adam A Syrian, living in Malaysia Unable to live in his own country due to civil war and upheaval. The story goes back and forth from the present to the memories of childhood.All of the different parts and pieces that make us who we are and shape our ideas of who we are and where we belong are brought into question I felt as if I was reading someone s journal The feelings of not belonging to any place and unable to go back home.were so heartbreaking Trying to assimilate into a new country is not easy when you look like Adam and the intolerant and racist people he comes into contact with on a daily basis made me embarrassed as a human being As he says in the book to their ears, being a Syrian sounds like you re unclean, shameful, indecent it s like you owe the world an apology for your very existence I learned about the Middle East and Syria in this one book than I have in all of the news shows and history lessons I ve taken I can t imagine being judged solely on my skin color or ethnicity That the author has tackled this in such straightforward and easy to read book is a gift to us all.

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    This book is a powerful appeal against prejudices, stereotypes and war I don t know how much of this narration is autobiographic but I m sure personal experience, pain and grief found their way into this novel.Adam s sophisticated philosophical view on politics, religion, psychology and society is far from all clich s I don t agree with all his views but they become comprehensible He gives us insight into what it might mean for an individual to live in exile while their homeland is falling apart The Middle Eastern conflict isn t easy to comprehend and with this book I noticed how much complex it is than I thought We got used to the images of bombed cities and refugees in small boats trying to find somewhere to live in peace But while all this arouses compassion and the cry to end the cruelty, the masses seem faceless and islamophobia is thriving Adam s story is able to remind you that the Syrians or the Arabs don t exist Everybody is an individual with his own history and struggles and in case of the Syrians often traumatizing experiences.The novel is told in small episodes, disussions and memories that mirror Adam s fractured state of mind I want to thank Netgalley and Asaad Almohammad for a free copy in exchange for my honest review.Read on my blog

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    This book was featured on Netgalley and I thought what a great idea, to learn about something about a tragic war from a different perspective, to humanize a news story as it were It is a great idea indeed brought down by its far from great execution The author is a research specialist and for the most part the book reads exactly like a research paper and when it tries to veer into a novel territory it does so in a clumsy jejune way that leaves much to be desired This is meant to be a semi autobiographical work of fiction, but the voice behind it is so ponderously pedantic and arrogantly self righteous, it s nearly impossible to enjoy Mind you, this is to say nothing of its message aka author s personal progressive and liberal secular views, which present him one must assume deliberately as the only man intelligent enough to possess those views, at least out of his social circle, which include a variety of primarily immigrants legal and otherwise in Malaysia You can agree or disagree with what the author has to say and far be it for me to bring politics into a book review But as a book this didn t work for me It didn t engage, the main character is obnoxious, conceited, constantly starting debates with his friends which is apparently a tool he utilized to convey his numerous opinions that don t seem to change anyone s mind, because most debates are like that and everyone s all too convinced they are right and usually much too ignorant to welcome and entertain a different point of view lest their small minds be boggled The main message seems to be empathy, which is of course a worthy and noble one, but it s being delivered like the monologues were nails and the author hammers them with all the subtlety that simile implies In any case it seems that ego has dramatically overwhelmed the message here Like some debut efforts it s overwritten, the language is pompous at times and occasionally grammatically challenged, the entire book desperately needs editing This was suppose to be an enlightening, educational even, reading experience, but ended up a mere waste of time, albeit not too much time.

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    You can find a copy of this review at have always associated reading the news with growing up When I was a kid it always was a big deal for my family, we always fell in deep, profound discussions of the world s doings and that always resulted in passionate arguments for days I do believe that especially today it is really important to try to be on top of what is happening, of course with so much going on, that is not an easy task, but it is worthy attempt When I read the blurb for Ishmael of Syria I was instantly intrigued I took me a day to read the book, and one to reflect on it, because indeed it is a big bite to swallow The main character of this book, Adam, is a bitter, cynical young man and a native of Syria living in Malaysia Through his first hand accounts of growing up in Syria and relocating to another country, he shares with the reader his experience of witnessing the public shaming of women and homosexuality and rape, the ignorance and prejudices against him because of his dark skin and his Arabic background, and the struggle and helplessness of watching the destruction of his homeland from afar.As you can see it is an extremely heavy read, that digs deep into issue that are troubling It is daring, powerful, provoking and heartbreaking at the same time.This is a grim, uncompromising novel, beautifully but brutally crafted If you are looking for a stereotypical western read, you ll definitely have problems with this one, because it is nothing like journal The narrative jumps back and forth between past and present, first and third person, Syria and Malaysia The prose style varies between polished and rough around the edges, and Adam himself swings back and forth between sensible and almost incoherent with rage and sorrow at what his country is undergoing and the international response to it The overall effect is disjointed and occasionally disconcerting, but the text crackles with energy and emotion.A definite must read

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    An Ishmael of Syria ended too soon for me The writing is beautiful and haunting The story is divided into three parts and each has a volume of stories Taking altogether the chapters make up a story with a plot climax and resolution I m not sure if the beauty of the writing actually increased the further in I read it felt like I fell under the a spell and couldn t break away I have no doubt I ll come back to this book over my lifetime I feel certain the lessons will change with each new reading It s just that kind of book So much is happening under the surface, I hesitate to say too much The unfolding was part of the charm Just read it Start it today, but don t finish it today Sit with with Savor it But be prepared for it to stay with you after the last page is turned.

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    An Ishmael of Syria is a powerful novel Sometimes you read a book and you have to digest it for several days before you can encapsulate your feelings about the book correctly An Ishmael of Syria unwraps the layers of prejudices, anger, helplessness, and human grief Yet at the center, at the core of all these layers, is a kind of naked humanity that invites the reader to imbue meaning I found this book to be really special, in fact extraordinary Since the book arrived a few days ago, I have not been able to put it down The issues discussed in the book are important for people to think about and talk about.

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    There is never wrong time to publish a book which will wake up emotions I believe Asaad Almohammad knew this, when he decided to write about war in Syria and pass on his knowledge An Ishmael of Syria it s not the easiest read for those who like to read mostly stories, but dear readers longing for awarness You will love it It s a semiautobiographical novel, a political dialog, an essay, and who knows what It copes with different uncomfortable conversation topics and questions almost everything.

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