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    This book is advertised and mash up of Three Men and a baby correct Charming hero has a teenage daughter with two other dads who are also straight and 27 Dresses not exactly I reminded me of Dane Cook s Good Luck Chuck but of course this time a guy is not dumped by the women who recently got married after the second he had sex with them because he turned their good luck marriage charm In this story dear Annie dates with the guys and after her breakups she always finds out they get marry as soon as they dumped her She becomes their good luck charm to find their love of their lives So unfair and annoying, isn t it At the opening Annie is dumped by her fianc e this time and you want to punch and open holes in that horrible guy s little brain because that despicable human waste still keeps the venue Annie spent so much energy to reserve for their wedding and keeps her deposit so he can marry with his new bride Of course her notorious bride earns so many punch points because she stops by the same boutique Annie had grandmother s dress tailored and surprisingly her measurements mixed up with Annie s now she didn t only steal the soon to be husband scumbag, the venue, she also stole the wedding dress Yes feel free to scream, I already did several times Poor Annie screams at her scumbag ex on the phone and leaves the town to start from the fresh with her new work place at Rome Nope, she didn t escape to Italy She wished but she can only manage to go to Rhode Island And of course she met with charismatic, witty, charming Emmitt who happens to be new roommate She already swore not to have a relationship for a long time but their sizzling, hot chemistry, entertaining banters and sexy flirting prevent her to keep the promise I love their friends to lovers evolving relationship and I truly loved both of the characters But at the last parts you know the drill, something comes out and forces the beautiful couple to suffer from terrible heartbreak and at that part, Emmitt really pissed me off and acted immature Mostly one of the parties act like obnoxious, irritating brat and I always cut one point during my reading But sometimes both parties may be irritating and point cuts occur And groveling part was a little weak but I still liked the conclusion This is feel good, keep smiling and sigh kind of entertaining rom com with likable characters I m giving my enjoyable, sweet swoon four stars Special thanks to NetGalley and Kensington Publishing for sharing this entertaining ARC with me in exchange my honest review.

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    This is one of those titles where the blurb doesn t fit the story within Yes you do have a newly single physician s assistant involved but that s about as close as it gets Is it still a good story, yes Just not on what you may initially think I felt like I was reading two different stories The first 35% we are solely with Annie whom suffers from a female version of good luck chuck who has just been dumped by the love of her life a short time before the wedding Via text no less It becomes a series of lets see just how horrible of a person we can make the ex out to be The way her parents reacted to this situation really blew my mind The reason for their behavior later in the book didn t justify it at all for me Annie is a complicated character She comes across as a serious pushover but in other aspects shes mouthy, kind, crazy, moody..I couldn t pin her down to a predominant personality In the rest of the book you re following Emmitt A photojournalist that introduces with a bit of a frat boy personality We quickly learn there is a lot to him then meets the eye He had a brief relationship that ended up with a child that he did not know about for the first few years of her life He and the woman split, married and thought the child was the other mans No hard feelings were involved but he did his best to be involved in her life the best he could given his job takes him all over the world enter three men and a baby reference with this group Annie is still present but Emmitt s storyarc becomes the stronger of the two It s a great story I wish it would have been the main focus of the book with Annie coming in where Emmitt did instead It would have made the ending struggle work so much better if this had been Emmitt s story instead of Annie s Co Parenting can be a really difficult subject especially when there are broken families involved This book shows the ups and downs and how to address it in a healthy manner If I were to rate this on the overall flow, writing and story It would be around a three Annie s story would be around a 2.75 She goes through a lot yes but her story felt like it consisted mostly of tropes I hate saying that as in the authors note its supposed to be a tale about finding herself and understanding her heritage I just did not get that at all save for a couple of small anicdotes Emmitt s story close 4 but not quite there He goes through a lot of growth as a person Had the stronger story There were a few things I would rearrange or change the focus on but I enjoyed his side of the things far Its not a side of life that you see written much and it was handled really well Not the story I was expecting but a decent book for what it is.

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    I received an ARC of this novel that is set to publish in July 2020 Annie is a physician s assistant who moves to Rome after being dumped by her fianc However, she ends up not in Italy but Rhode Island Annie is surprised by this and the roommate that comes with where she is staying The pacing of this novel was inconsistent The first part of the book was slow and the ending was wrapped up too quickly I would appreciated development with Annie s character especially trying to reconnect with her roots It was a fun novel to read and escape into Rome even in Rhode Island.

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    Pretty fun read I really liked how mature some of the conversations between characters were they argued in productive and healthy ways I also really appreciated how thoughtful the main character was, and her reflections on her upbringing and family At times I was really drawn in and invested in the characters and their struggles, and I thought Anh s backstory was particularly interesting There were a few things that bothered me, though the ex was set up as super unreasonable and pushy to Anh, and then resolutions to his super problematic behavior happened basically off screen Also, I m still really confused by her relationship with him was she really that unaware before the wedding She says to her mom that they were unhappy, but it didn t seem that clear in the beginning It seemed like resolving the way her ex pushed her around was an important part of her character arc, given how key it was in the beginning, but by the end when the ex gives back the check there s little acknowledgment of it Also, even though Anh clearly wanted to find her birth family and learn about her heritage, the main development that happens are a handful of meetings where it seems like things happen to Anh and she reacts, rather than pushing forward herself It would have been nice to see this explored , given the author s postscript These things combined made Anh s story feel unresolved, in spite of how things were wrapped up with Emmitt This is a minor point, but there was a lot of emphasis on the name of the town being Rome which confused me Overall I enjoyed it, and I liked parts of the story, even if others weren t as satisfying.

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    Picture this You re over the moon, getting ready to marry who you think is the love of your life when they decide to break up with you saying they aren t ready for such committment, to then becoming enagaged like two months later AND NOT ONLY THAT, but since your venue, catering and all that jazz is still booked, they don t want it to go to waste and they plan on using everything, which who cares right, you re getting your money back OH BUT WAIT, their new fiance went to the same boutique you had your grandmother s dress tailored at and they happened to mix up YOUR measurements with HERS Yeah Did I mention that you and your parents are also invited to their wedding and they re expecting you to come and sit at their table RIDICULOUS All this happens in like the first 10% of the book and I was left PISSED, so when the hometown hero comes around to charm her pants off I was left saying HECK YEAHHHHHH BOY I loved that they ended up becoming roommates bc this allowed a greater emotional connection to establish between them it helped to get to know each of them through different eyes, especially the societal impact that looking a certain way or adapting to specific cultures has on our persona and the way we communicate and feel around others The thing I loved most of all about this story was that it not only focused on the budding romance bw Emmitt and Annie, but it also revolved around the relationship bw Emmitt and his teenage daughter and her other two dads, who aren t gay, but have raised her from birth with her mother JH

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    This is the first book be Adair that I ve read and I really enjoyed it Annie needs a fresh start on life After her fiance Clark breaks up with her and steals their wedding to marry someone else, she moves away Thinking there was a job in Rome, Italy, she then sticks it out when its apparent that Rome, Rhode Island isn t quite the historic city of architecture and history as well as thousands of miles away from Clark While still dealing with the aftermath of the next disaster resulting from Clark, she finds a stranger standing in her rented AirBnB.Emmitt comes home to find a strange yet attractive woman in his bedroom He s too jet lagged as well as sore from his injury but he s not one to be unfriendly to the opposite sex In fact he s quite for personal relations Even Annie throwing her stilettos at him isn t enough to dissuade him.This enemies to lovers, having to share a house included plenty of funny moments I was shocked and happily surprised at the depth of the characters from their many hurts and how they helped each other to overcome them This book brought up issues like race and rude assumptions, single parenting, what it means to trust, others actions aren t a reflection on you and love When in Rome even Rome, RI.I received this book from the publisher and Net Galley and these opinions are my own I am now looking up books by this author.

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    This was a quick, but enjoyable romcom that I devoured in one sitting With an idealistic setting and loveable characters, it was hard not to fall over heels for this one.What I loved about this book 1 This book has emotional depth I wasn t expecting and it handled difficult family dynamics with sensitivity Annie learns to stand up for herself and put her felling before others and this part of her character was especially relatable.2 The friends to lovers trope is one of my favorites and this one was done well The sexual tension and chemistry is evident from the beginning and I couldn t stop reading as I waited for them to give in The banter between them is very well written and is sure to leave readers smiling and laughing.3 The situation between the three guys and Paisley accurately described as being similar to Three Men and a Baby was so well written With blended families everywhere is was nice to see her three Dads communicating and working together to do what was in her best interest Even though they have their fair share of bumps along the way, I found all three guys absolutely loveable I really hope the author decides to write book for both Gray and Levi.This book had me feeling a variety of emotions, I laughed, I cried, and I swooned I definitely recommend picking up a copy of your own Thank you Netgalley and Kensington Books for my gifted ebook.

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    Ahn Nhi Walsh has been through a lot lately Weddings plans gone to the wasteside, no fiance, and she s working as a PA in Rome, RI, not Rome, Italy where she wanted to be She finds out that her ex s new fiance stole her wedding venue, wedding date, and the dress was altered to fit her Her own grandmother s dress While struggling to get out of the dress, Ahn known as Annie comes face to face with Emmitt Bradley, owner of the house she s leasing Neither knew about each other and from the moment they met, you can feel the chemistry pour from the pages Ahn has too much sweetness and kindness while Emmitt has bitterness coming from him He misses is daughter, wants to be in her life, but the mother of his child has died and he can t get in with the step dad and uncle You can feel that Annie and Emmitt are destined to come together to help each other out.I love this style of writing clear, sharp, quick, witty, and packed with chemistry and desires The plot is great, the characters are two forces that belong together, and I love the story thus far I really can t wait to read of the book the whole book and find out what happens It doesn t sound like this will be an easy road to romance and both characters are strong willed Marina Adair has written a great book that I can t wait to read

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    I received RomeAntically Challenged as part of a Goodreads giveaway.Ahn Nhi Annie Walsh, on the heels of a cancelled wedding and an ex who almost immediately got engaged to another woman, lands a temporary physician s assistant in Rome, Rhode Island, in an effort for a new beginning Her fresh start is interrupted, however, by Emmitt, a photojournalist recovering from an on the job injury and trying to parent a teenage daughter in concert with her two other surrogate fathers The pair find themselves as unwitting roommates, until they begin to bond over their respective baggage and discover a common attraction.This novel had a lot going on, and as a result it felt a little slapdash Emmitt s relationship with Paisley and her other fathers, his baggage with his own father, his physical recovery, Annie s complicated feelings about her adoption, her immersion into a Vietnamese community, Paisley s school and relationship dramaand this was all in addition to Emmitt and Annie s developing relationship With all the other storylines, I felt like the love plot got a little lost I liked the characterizations and some of the storylines that were explored, but I do think the novel would have benefitted from being pared down a bit .

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    The blurb did not match the contents of the book at all, but I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed this book After being recently left only months before her wedding, Annie takes a temporary PA position at a hospital in Rome, Rhode Island and rents a cabin from a photojournalist who is away on assignment Imagine Emmitt s surprise when he is forced to come home early and finds a woman living in his house The blurb makes this book sound like it will be a sex crazed story about two strangers who become lovers when forced to share a space, but this is much of a story about family and belonging Emmitt has to learn what it means to be a dad to his 15 year old daughter after she loses her mom only 4 months prior and he wasn t there to help her through it Annie navigates what it means to be an adopted Vietnamese woman, when she feels like she doesn t belong to the Vietnamese community or the white community in which she grew up Ultimately they learn how to love each other, but also what it means to be completely loved by someone else Thanks to Kensington Publishing Corp., NetGalley, and Marina Adair for an advance copy of the book It was a surprisingly lovely spring read.

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RomeAntically Challenged (When in Rome, #1) download RomeAntically Challenged (When in Rome, #1) , read online RomeAntically Challenged (When in Rome, #1) , kindle ebook RomeAntically Challenged (When in Rome, #1) , RomeAntically Challenged (When in Rome, #1) 7fd06424a2fb Growing Up The Lone Asian In A Community Of WASPs, Annie Has Always Felt Out Of Place Her Solution Start A Family Of Her Own Not Easy When Every Man She S Dated, Including Her Ex Fianc , Finds His Person Right After Breaking Up With Annie Even Worse Than Canceling The Wedding Eight Weeks Beforehand Learning The Other Woman Plans To Walk Down The Aisle Wearing Her Wedding Gown New Plan Find A Fresh, Man Free Start Too Bad Her Exit Strategy Unexpectedly Lands Her Working At A Hospital In Rome, Rhode Island, Rather Than Rome, Italy, And Sharing A Cabin With A Big, Brooding, And Annoyingly Hot Male Roommate Home On Medical Leave After Covering A Literally Explosive Story In China, Investigative Photojournalist Emmitt Embarks On His Most Important Assignment Cementing His Place In His Daughter S Life Three Men And A Baby Might Work In The Movies, But With A Stepdad And Devoted Uncle Competing For Paisley S Attention, Emmitt Has Lost His Place At The Family Table Then There S The Adorably Sexy Squatter In His Cabin, Who Poses Another Problem, One He D Very Much Like To Solve Up Close And Personal But He Can T Win Annie Has Sworn Off Men, Paisley S Gone Boy Crazy, And Emmitt S Estranged Father Reappears With A Secret That Changes Everything Annie And Emmitt Are About To Discover Love Comes In Many Forms, And Sometimes The Best Families Are The Ones We Make